Tuition Fees: Registration fee (non-refundable) $30.00-one student $15.00-additional student. Registration fee and first month’s tuition are due upon enrollment and tuition rates are based on the entire term, September-June. Monthly tuition remains the same regardless of holidays or lessons missed for any reason. Monthly installment fees are averaged over the school year, taking into consideration five-week months and holidays. TUITION IS DUE ON THE FIRST LESSON OF EACH MONTH AND A $10.00 LATE FEE IS AUTOMATICALLY ASSESSED AFTER THE 10TH. There will be a $25.00 NSF charge for ALL Returned Checks!

Adds, Drops, and Withdrawals: If you choose to discontinue classes during the semester, you must file written notification with our office 30 business days prior to withdrawal. There will be no refunds or pro-ration of tuition already paid upon withdrawal.

Performance fees: : New Vibe Dance Studio provides your child with the opportunity to perform in a professional quality production at the end of each year. Performance fees cover rental of the theater, props and set costs, and technical expenses. Performance fees are $75.00 per student or $55 for those with more than one student enrolled. Performance fees are non-refundable and due no later than November 1st

Costume fees: : Recital costume fees are $65.00 per costume. Costume orders will be due no later than November 1st There will be no refunds once costumes have been ordered.

Costume: $65 per child for XS, S, M, and Intermediate child sizes

$75 for L, XL, or XXL child sizes

Only 1 costume required per class. Due Nov. 1st

Referral Incentive: New Vibe offers a $10.00 referral incentive for new students not previously taught by any of the faculty at the studio. Your name must appear on the new student registration form. The incentive will be credited to your account upon full-term enrollment of the new student

Attire: Dress codes will be enforced. Students without proper attire and hair will not be permitted to take class.

Classroom Environment: Dance is fun! However, classroom discipline is an integral part of successful training. Classes will be taught in a positive, encouraging environment designed to educate and empower. Students are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior during class and show respect for both teachers and fellow dancers.

Arriving and Departing: Students must wear street shoes to and from studio. Do not wear dance shoes from the car to the studio or vice-versa. New Vibe is not responsible for students once they leave the studio.

Attendance and Tardiness: Regular attendance and punctuality is essential for a dancer’s progress. Please arrive 5 minutes before class. There is no refund or tuition adjustment for missed classes.

Studio and Parents Room: No food, drinks, gum or candy allowed in the dance area of the studio. A viewing window is provided for parents to watch their child take class, but we ask that you minimize any distractions. Parents are not allowed on the dance floor while class is in progress. New Vibe is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items left in the studio, or elsewhere on the premises. Parents shall be liable for any damages to property or assets of New Vibe Dance caused by their children or others under their supervision.

Agreement: I will not hold New Vibe Dance or any of its agents, employees, or representatives liable for any illnesses contracted or injuries sustained by me/my child while a student at the academy